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Loving Lizori... (Amare Lizori)

The hamlet’s redevelopment was carried-out strictly with private funding. Dozens of private
individuals – united by their enthusiasm and passion – invested their money not only in order
to purchase and refurbish derelict properties for personal use, but also in order to restore all the
public areas so that they could, once again, become available for the community. All this was
achieved without subsidies or sponsors, without any public or third party funding whatsoever.
With absolutely no speculative intent.
“An A for Lizori” is a project fostered by the Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation
Antonio Meneghetti (a Swiss non-profit foundation) in order to continue the support and care
for the Lizori hamlet.
You’ll be able to get an A with a minimal donation which will help further development of
the Lizori hamlet. All project’s revenues will be used by the Foundation in order to maintain
streets, squares, terracings, facilities and in order to support culture events as well as leisure,
scientific and art activities organized in respect of those humanistic values that gave birth to the
renaissance of this hamlet.

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