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The Meneghetti Foundation, a foundation of Scientific and Humanistic Research dedicated to Antonio Meneghetti, was founded in 2007 in Lugano, Switzerland. The Meneghetti Foundation aims to promote and spread a vision of life according to the principles of Humanism, declined as a practical culture of philosophy, science, art and economics based on the primacy of research. In particular, through training, education, improvement and the highest exercise of the human faculties of the individual so that they can be a service to the resolution of the needs that humanity proposes from time to time. [READ MORE]

Meneghetti Award

The Meneghetti International Award was established by the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation for Scientific and Humanistic Research through resolution of the Foundation Council in 2010, with worldwide distribution. The aim of the Meneghetti Award is to support and implement research projects in the field of culture and scientific knowledge, as a contribution to the development of a humanistic ethic, according to ontopsychological thinking.



Talking about psychosomatics inevitably means referring to the whole problem of the relationship between mind and body. Starting from the separation carried out by Cartesio between res cogitans and res extensa, up to the modern acquisitions of neuroscience, mind and body have always been two poles of investigation that do not seem possible to reconcile in the light of a continuity. We tend to see only a contrast. Over the centuries, the different currents of scientific thought … [READ MORE]

Pedagogia e Politica


Pedagogy and Politics are two disciplines closely related to each other. Starting from the X International Congress of Ontopsychology held in Rome in 1984, the goal of the Foundation is to raise awareness – through a multidisciplinary comparison – of the world of education and culture on the opportunity to bring pedagogy and politics back to a single action. The two disciplines are united by the same ethical tension towards universal values. It’s about bringing … [READ MORE]


The Summer Session of Ontopsychology is an annual event and seminars dedicated to a specific theme for each edition. The theme of this XXXI edition (2019) concerns the psychosomatic – the relationship between the psyche and the body – inspired by the conference “The neurophysiological correlates of psychic activity” held in Geneva in 1997. The objective is to promote a multidisciplinary confrontation on topic, involving different areas of knowledge. [READ MORE]

Meneghetti International Art Prize


Miap , Meneghetti International Art Prize was established in 2016 by the Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation and is banned with the aim of promoting artistic expression as a desire for beauty, giving everyone the opportunity , regardless of age and qualifications, to support this inspiration that Meneghetti investigated, in himself and in every man, during his existence.

The Lizori Project

The Lizori Project(Umbria, Italia)

This project started in 1976 and since 2013 the Foundation has promoted cultural, artistic and scientific activities at Lizori, so that it continues to be an example for other projects in the world as has happened up until now. This project, in fact, was replicated in the Russian Federation (near St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Magnitogorsk) in Brazil, Latvia, Ukraine. Lizori is a restored medieval village, which is the first project for a new model of environmental education, with the aim of harmonizing urbanization and innovation together with civilized human development.

Sustainable Development GOALS

The Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation intends to focus its activities on:

life on land

The model of ecobiological projects that the Foundation carries out reflects the importance of capitalizing on a human-centered approach to build efficient communities, measured in terms of creativity and inclusive social development. [READ MORE]


These ecobiological projects (the example of Lizori) have the power to unite people beyond a multiplicity of boundaries. Cultural heritage recovery initiatives, such as ecobiological projects, can be tailored … [READ MORE]


With the Meneghetti Award we organize, explain and disseminate the results of research projects during the International Congress around the world and the social impact linked to Sustainable Development Goals … [READ MORE]


Development of skills aimed at reaffirming an integrative commitment for the connection of civilizations in the name of unity and universality. The Sustainable Development Goals are explained during the conference and … [READ MORE]

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