Meneghetti Award a contribution to the development of a humanistic ethic, according to ontopsychological thinking

The international Meneghetti Award was established in 2010 by the Board of the Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation and spread all around the world. The aim of the Meneghetti Award is to encourage projects in the realm of culture and scientific knowledge and to facilitate their implementation. Specifically, projects that contribute to the development of a humanistic ethics, as envisaged by the ontopsychological vision.
The inaugural edition of the Award, in 2011, saw its winners awarded their prize at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.


Until the 2018 edition, the Meneghetti Award was announced yearly for researches in Economics, Philosophy, Medicine, Physics, with a prize of 15,000 € for each of the four areas. In December 2018, the Board of Trustees approved a reshaping of the Meneghetti Award to keep it true to the spirit of the Founder’s thinking and make it more interfaced with the scientific research community. The four categories of the Meneghetti Award thus converge into two areas of research: one concerning Psychosomatics“, which encompasses all the work that the Founder has done in clinical research, and a category Pedagogy and Politics, which encompasses the in-depth study that the Founder has gone through in the field of education and social sciences. The relevance between the two themes proposed lies in the evidence that, having solved the clinical level (treatment, therapy, involution, blockage, removal, complex), the path of evolution opens with its development in the social sphere. The two themes cover all four strands of origin (philosophy and economics converge in pedagogy/politics and physics and medicine converge in psychosomatics).
This award emphasizes importance of education and research. For Meneghetti, humanism is responsibility; production and behavior intended to reach a goal. The concept of humanism is to serve and meet the needs and demands of humanity. The integration of humanist approaches into scientific work will promote global development. This approach, and thus, the Meneghetti Award, encourages creative and applicable research. It awards those who one day will master this knowledge and will be able to explore more successfully their field of research.

Meneghetti Award is presented in international universities. Each presentation is free and open to all, it is held by a teacher or by a delegate of the Foundation, who will illustrate the conditions for participation and a base of the concepts to develop in the research.
It is possible to organize a meeting to present the award to researchers and other interested people throughout the world. Those who wish to organize a presentation can send an email to

Award Winners

Which society? The society of infinite democracies as a function of the human. The way in which the individual grows and is formed will order the plot of the social fact of which politics should be the guarantor with stability. In turn, the social sphere remains the universe where the individual synthesizes his/her growth.

The link between education and politics is certainly a guarantee for both.

So Pedagogy and Politics as reciprocity of functional value: the person for the social sphere and the social sphere for the person.