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Pedagogy and Politics

Pedagogy and Politics are two disciplines closely related to each other. Starting from the X International Congress of Ontopsicology held in Rome in 1984, the goal of the Foundation is to raise awareness – through a multidisciplinary confrontation – of the world of education and culture on the opportunity to bring pedagogy and politics back to a single action. The two disciplines are united by the same ethical tension towards universal values. It is a matter of bringing man back to the realization of authentically human, in the name of a strong charge of renewal that sustains both, as a guarantee of democracy, of the common good, of an active social and civil presence of young people.
A society, therefore, is safeguarded to the extent that culture, education, politics, socialization, are built on a human scale. A very urgent issue because today’s political crisis situations are intertwined with the educational emergency.
Pedagogy must be contextualized within current historical facts. The formalization of a pedagogy in step with the new millennium assigns an indispensable role to the reformulation of the political landscape, which on more and more frequent occasions, is proving to fail to organize social welfare. Yet politics should be, by its very nature, one of the most noble educational tools because it should be the bearer of the needs and needs of the human being, also capable of proposing challenges to new supranational aggregative structures, such as the European one.
It is no coincidence therefore that in the title the word Pedagogy comes first: pedagogy is the art of forming the man-person in the social function. The aim of pedagogy is to create an adult capable of being true to himself and functional for society. Which company? The society of infinite democracies with a human function. The way of growing and forming of the individual will plot the web of the social fact of which politics should be guarantor with stability. In turn, the social remains the universe where the individual synthesizes his own growing becoming.
The link between education and politics is certainly a guarantee for both.
Therefore Pedagogy and Politics as a reciprocity of functional value: the person for the social and the social for the person.

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