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Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation Antonio Meneghetti intends to focus its activities on:

Goal 17.9 - Capacity building to reaffirm an integrative commitment to bridging civilizations in the name of unity and universality, by explaining SDGs during the conference and seminar organized by the Foundation in order  to make people aware of what a sustainable society incorporate into its guiding principles: social justice, economic welfare, as well as environmental protection.

Goal 4 - By the Meneghetti Scientific Award we organize, explain and spread the results of research projects during International Congress worldwide and the social impact linked to SDGs. We regularly present a  symposium or workshop on this issue every time we participate to a Congress. By the Art Prize (MIAP) we foster the creative process as a catalyst to advance inter cultural understanding.

Goals 15 and 16  - The model of ecobiological projects that Foundation carry on mirrors the importance of capitalizing on a human-centered approach to build efficient communities measured in terms of creativity and inclusive social development. These ecobiological projects (example of Lizori) has the power to unite people beyond a variety of borders. Initiatives regaining cultural heritages like the ecobiological projects can be packaged in pedagogical modules and exported in least-developed countries, in order to become development tools in cities and villages holding an historic and artistic potential for humanity, and helping them escape stagnation and poverty.

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The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit (21 September, New York) brings together an international community of leaders from business, civil society, academia, Government and the United Nations to accelerate business action and partnerships to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement.

With less than 5,000 days to meet these Global Goals by the 2030 deadline, the Leaders Summit seeks to challenge the status quo and the business-as-usual mindset. Featuring progressive and exciting plenary speakers alongside SDG-themed networking opportunities, the Summit will focus on how the UN Global Compact community can deliver measurable impacts for sustainable development. Pamela Bernabei, President of Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation Antonio Meneghetti attended on 21 September 2017 the UN Global Compact Leader Summit

Dear Pamela

On behalf of the United Nations Global Compact, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your participation in the Leaders Summit 2017.

Convening nearly 1,000 global leaders from over 70 countries during UN General Assembly week, this year’s Summit was a powerful reminder of the important role the private sector plays in raising the ambition, driving innovation and measuring the impact of responsible business action. With less than 5,000 days left to achieve the Global Goals, it is clear that disrupting the business-as-usual mindset will be crucial.

On our journey to 2030, the Summit celebrated a number of milestones, including the announcement of the 2017 class of SDG Pioneers and the launch of the 2017 UN Global Compact Progress Report. We also proudly unveiled two key resources: the Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs, which presents a framework to inspire all business — regardless of size, sector or geography — to take leading action on the Global Goals, and Business Reporting on the SDGs: An Analysis of the Goals and Targets, which represents a first step towards establishing a uniform mechanism for business to report on contribution to and impact on the Global Goals. I truly hope you find these resources to be of value in your own sustainability work.

To explore the many other exciting outcomes of this year’s Summit, I encourage you to read our event overview — including a full collection of photos and videos. I would also invite you to consider joining the UN Global Compact to become part of a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders committed to creating the world we want. As an active member of the responsible business community, I am sure that you already recognize the importance of achieving the Global Goals, and that the UN Global Compact is here to support you on your sustainability journey.

With your continued engagement and commitment to action, we can successfully challenge the status quo to secure a more peaceful and prosperous future for all.

Kind regards,

Lise Kingo
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
United Nations Global Compact


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