One of the evaluation criteria is the “Pertinence of the content to Ontopsychological thought”. However, while it is not necessary to be thoroughly familiar with Ontopsychology, reference in the bibliography to at least one of the forty books published on the subject would be desirable. It is not important whether the reference is in favour or against Ontopsychology but it is important that the argument rest on solid scientific ground. The award is open to anyone, including those who do not study Ontopsychology. The purpose of the award is to invite researchers to develop their work in light of the humanistic values that underpin the Foundation. Consultation material is available in the “Research material” section at

Yes. The first part of the project’s presentation shall not exceed the maximum limit of 10 pages, excluding references, double line spacing. The second part of the proposal is not subject to limit to pages.

The Meneghetti Award is not a competition and there is no league table with a first, second or third place. However, awards can be assigned ex-aequo in the manner specified in the Award announcement.

The Award participation application (annex A), filled in each part, has to be sent to the Foundation both by e-mail to, and by paper, to the address: Fondazione di Ricerca Scientifica ed Umanistica Antonio Meneghetti, Via San Gottardo 10 – 6900 Lugano – Switzerland (CH) not later than January 31, 2020. Compliance with this deadline shall be confirmed by the date on which required documentation was sent by e-mail and by the shipping date on the postmark for hard copies/paper. All documentation concerning the research project, as specified in the Article 2 of this announcement, has to be attached to the application (electronically in the .pdf format and by paper for the shipping by mail). Those who so wish – it is not mandatory – can also include a short video on their research project (3/4 minutes). The submitting Author shall verify that both his/her application and the documentation have been duly received by e-mail and by regular mail.

The official languages of the Meneghetti Award are Italian and English. All correspondence with the secretariat and the organization committee must be in either official language. Correspondence and papers submitted in languages other than the official languages will not be taken into consideration.

No. We require at least a Master’s degree, i.e. completion of graduate studies after the bachelor’s degree, depending on local university systems, to meet the 3+2 parameters of the Bologna process.

No, both the author and the co-author must hold at least a Master’s degree.

For the bibliography, the APA style is mandatory; for the remaining sections of the research project the choice is free, but the APA style is still highly appreciated.