Research Award for Degree Thesis

“The Relationship between Human Being and Society”


The Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation – Switzerland promotes and disseminates the vision of life according to the principles of Humanism, expressed as a practical culture of philosophy, science, art and economics based on the primacy of research, through training, education, self-improvement and the highest exertion of man’s individual faculties in service of the issues that mankind faces in various circumstances.

The Antonio Meneghetti Foundation is a Swiss non-profit public benefit organisation and has been accorded special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC since 2019.

Motivated by the theme of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Foundation is issuing a call for applications for 10 study awards of CHF 550.00 for those who have obtained a master’s, specialized or old system degree by discussing a thesis in the field of scientific and humanistic research aimed at improving the important human-society relationship in a creative, functional, sustainable and inclusive manner.

In particular, the thesis must be relevant to achieving the goals of sustainable development, eradicating poverty (goal 1) through quality education (goal 4) and the construction of models of coexistence that spread peace and justice in contexts of multiculturalism and cooperation between entities and individuals (goals 16 and 17).



The award is launched in accordance with the provisions of the Foundation’s Statute and in line with purposes of unrestricted support of the Foundation, excluding any profit-making purpose. The award is intended to give financial support to research projects on topics closely related to the SDG goals promoted by the United Nations.


Art. 2 – Requirements

A prerequisite for applying is to have obtained a master’s degree, specialized degree or old-system degree no more than three calendar years prior the submission deadline. Anyone who has already received a study award granted by the Foundation in the past may not apply to participate in the competition.


Art. 3 – Application

Interested parties must submit their application, by and no later than 23:59 CET (Central European Time) on 30 April 2024, under penalty of exclusion, solely through online submission by filling in the appropriate form available at the web address indicated in the section of the Foundation’s website dedicated to the study awards in question. The candidate shall declare under his/her own responsibility

  1. a) name, surname and residence
  2. b) date and place of birth;
  3. c) declaration of being in possession of the prerequisites required by the call for applications in art. 2;
  4. d) declaration of not having previously benefited from study awards issued by the Foundation
  5. e) thesis written in Italian or English

It shall be the responsibility of the Foundation to make the candidates’ thesis available to the relevant selection board that will be established. It will be the candidate’s responsibility to produce certificates attesting the date when their degree was obtained and relative grades.


Art.4 – Committee and constitution of the ranking list

The assessment will be made by a Committee appointed by the Foundation and composed by members of the Foundation and university teachers.

The Committee’s decisions are final and indisputable.

Each member of the committee has 100 points for the evaluation of the theses, which will be assigned on the basis of the following criteria:

– grade obtained for the master’s degree, specialized degree or old system degree, up to a maximum of 30 points;

– originality/innovation of the themes illustrated in the thesis, up to a maximum of 30 points;

– impact and spin-off of the results obtained and illustrated in the thesis concerning the field of the relationship between man and society, up to a maximum of 40 points.

All documents submitted must be written in Italian or English. No other languages are allowed. The outcome will be announced within 90 days of the application deadline and will be communicated directly to the winner by a letter from the Foundation Board.

The overall score, accompanied by a summary assessment, will be determined by summing up the scores obtained for each parameter. If there are candidates ranked “ex aequo”, the award will be divided equally between the parties.


Art.5 – Assigning the award

Study awards will be assigned through deliberation of the Foundation Board.


Art. 6 – Non-assigned awards

If no suitable candidates emerge for the award, the relative amount will remain at the disposal of the Foundation.


Art.7 – Announcement of the call and information

This call will be published on the Foundation’s official website: The Foundation shall also be entitled to publish the call for applications on other media, research portals, university websites, information websites in order to allow for its wider dissemination.


Art. 8 Information and contacts

For any information or communication please contact: Fondazione di Ricerca Scientifica ed Umanistica Antonio Meneghetti Via San Gottardo 10 – 6900 Lugano, Switzerland CH



Art. 9 Acceptance of rules and rights

Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of all the rules of these regulations, so that failure to comply with even one of them will result in automatic exclusion from the competition (i.e. without the obligation to notify the interested parties). Furthermore, by accepting these regulations each author consents to the use of the research projects for all activities related to the running of the competition. With regard to the protection of personal data, participants are informed that the processing of personal data supplied by them when taking part in the competition or in any case acquired for this purpose by the Foundation is solely for the purpose of carrying out the activities envisaged in the competition and will be carried out by the persons proposed for the procedure, using procedures, including computerised ones, in the manner and within the limits necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes. The data collected will not be published or transferred to third parties for any reason whatsoever.


Lugano, 15 October 2023

The Foundation Board

Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation