3rd module – Project Erasmus+KA2 – “I AM  ABLE TO DO” at Lizori

3rd module – Project Erasmus+KA2 – “I AM ABLE TO DO” at Lizori

23-30 July 2019

Lizori also hosted the third module of the international course for young people  “I AM ABLE TO DO!” in the frame of the Erasmus+ KA2 project in the field of school education. The course is entirely financed by European funds.

“I AM ABLE TO DO!” is an Erasmus+KA2 project for young people (aged 16 to 30) from three European countries: Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Italian partner in the project and in teaching is FOIL, a training and consultancy agency based in the province of Lodi. On this occasion, the students were able to learn more about the best Umbrian handicraft tradition, the importance of the relationship with the territory, and with raw materials. Communication and marketing topics were also discussed, again through the practical experience of Umbrian Made-in-Italy entrepreneurs.

The Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation supported the logistics of the course and made the rooms available for teaching and organising workshops for the young people.